First Day of School

I forgot my camera, so all of my pictures are going to be from my phone. It’s poor quality, but it’s better than nothing. I just dropped of Peter’s printer and water boiler. Got my school decal and I’m just waiting for my first class to start, which is in another hour. I wish I live on campus; so I can access to my stuff better. Oh well, the life of a commuter.

I wish I could get better from this cold though. It’s driving me crazy. For the mean time, here’s my schedule for today:

12:35PM Intermediate Chinese I
1:40PM History of Women and Social Change
4:15PM Organic Chemistry I
5:45PM History of China I

It makes me look like a well-rounded student as I am a human biology major and Chinese minor. Oh well, we’ll eventually see what I can do with my degree.

I just saw Christian, Lauren, and Fernando posting up flyers for the blood drive. They gave me some to pass around in class. Hopefully, we’ll get at least 225 units of blood for the donation.

I really want to blow my nose right now, but I’m currently in the library. And when I blow my nose, I sound like an elephant. I should schedule an appointment at the health center soon.

All right, I don’t know what else I should do for the next hour. Hrm…I should visit people? I don’t think anyone’s really awake right now. I should eat my parfait and take my cough medicine.

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