August 12, 2011

NYC Memory Lane Blog #1

August 12, 2011
(left: me; right: Joanne N.)

Joanne, one of my close friends, came up to visit me in New York. She first made her trip in Albany, NY; then we drove to New York City. When she came to Albany, NY, I show her my university, my apartment, and pretty much my life up here in the empire state (10 August 2011).

We’re driving on I-285/I-85 to get to New York City. She made me realize how different it was compare to home. When we drive on the highway in the south, it’s nothing but flat lands and a forest of trees. Driving through the highway in New York, you don’t see a lot of trees, but you do see a lot of hills and mountain. The first time driving up here was breathtaking. Now, driving with her made it another breath-taking moment. Of course, I was driving so I didn’t have any pictures to show . Right when we got into Manhattan, it was so crowded with people and cars. I wasn’t surprised, but it was frustrating to find free parking or street parking. Eric Q. was able to find parking for us. We didn’t have to move it until I had to head back to Albany, NY.

When we finally park my car, the first thing that Jo wanted to do was shopping. She was too excited to go shopping, but she didn’t realize the walking that we would have to do. The first time that I walk in New York City I never got a warning how “far” I would have to walk.

SOHO Shopping
(left: Jo; right: me)
Times Square
Joanne's so excited!

I realize how much I miss the south. However, the walk this time wasn’t so bad after all for me. As for Jo, her poor feet were aching, but she was happy to shop. I never shopped in New York City; so it was my first time with her also. Great experience, because I didn’t realized how many Aldos, H&M, Forever 21 and etc., were in one city. It was a little crazy, but I had fun. After shopping, we headed to Times Square to sight-see and took her into the M&M. After that, we ended the night at Grand Central Station. I must say, it’s the most beautiful placethat I’ve ever seen. Even though, it was night and a little eerie quiet. The atmosphere felt great and romantic (of course, I can’t being a little romantic.).I kept telling Eric and Jo that I wanted to be propose here. What mighty dreams I have. We headed home and continue our adventures the next day (11 August 2011).


Grand Central
In the Grand Central Station

Hope you guys enjoy the read. There’s still more to update on my adventures. Good night for now.

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