MMR: Robby Earle

Here’s my music recommendation for the week: Robby Earle.

(Image source:

Who is Robby Earle? I don’t exactly know Robby Earle personally. I’ve met him at a Key Club International Convention in the past two-three years ago. We were in the same district: Louisiana-Mississippi-Tennessee (La-Miss-Tenn). When I first heard him play live at our governor’s suite and the Key Club talent show, I was quickly blow away as many other ladies there.

His songs are upbeat for your daily tunes. It has a classic touch and his voice sounds like an angel from the skies. His voice reminds me of Cold Play. However, it has a nice style of upbeat and his lyrics are something that you should also give a little listening. If you go to his website, you’re able to listen to his tunes for FREE. However, it’ll be great if you buy his CD. The website will have everything you need to get his tunes. If you live in the Southern region of the United States, you might be able to see him perform LIVE! How great is that. Now, get the chance to see him before he gets really FAMOUS! I’m surely know he will.

Anyways, for the love of music, enjoy!


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