I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed and distraught. I don’t feel like expressing it to anyone, so I’m just going to vent here. I know my stress and whatever is my own fault; so I don’t want to bother anyone by it. And plus, I’m sick of people going behind my back talking about it. If they’re going to smile, then I’m just going to smile and act like I didn’t hear it. I don’t want to confront it because it’s just dumb. It’s too much work for me. I don’t care if people want to push me over the cliff. I’ll help the ones that deserves the help. And I’ll forget about the ones that just want me for other unnecessary reasons.

This post is a little brutal. But it’s because I’m a little agitated. I guess I could use a little love in this life, but I don’t allow anyone to come in unless it’s needed. Unfortunately.

I should totally be reading my organic chemistry chapter, but the book is incredibly too heavy to bring. I’m going to break my back before my own mother does. I have lots of other homework and reading to do. I should totally pull my first all-nighter. And my friend is doing this lemonade diet. I’m thinking about doing it too. It’s more because I don’t feel like cooking and spending money on food that I’ll eventually eat/and most of the time, won’t eat.


  • Write out answers to Chinese questions.
  • Chinese workbook homework
  • Read 50 pages of Incident
  • Read all readings for History of China I
  • Read all readings for Chinese Literature
  • Read Organic Chemistry Chapter 2
  • Finish 25 questions for Organic Chemistry

And a lots of other reading. I wish I had an IPAD2 so I don’t have to waste all these trees from printing readings and slides. Any donations?


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