The Late

I haven’t been up to date with my life. I’m miserable when I know I can pretend that everything is all right. People in this world obviously have it worse than me. I still have a roof, clothes on my back, and food here and there to eat. I’m not ridiculously poor. I’m struggling but it’s not bad as some people may have it.

I wish materials did not make me happy. I want to be around people but I dealt with my materials more than I dealt with people in my life. I’ve become too bitter. I’m still nice to people but I’m starting to lose more of my patience. I’ m not emotional or depressed. I’m just tired. I just need a little more sleep and a little more healthier food added into my life. I don’t have a schedule where I eat properly. My schedule is class, eat and run, work, homework, and extra stuff that I do for people. So pretty much I’m well-off. I just need more time in one day.

My horoscope sign is a Leo, meaning I dislikes being trapped in a cage. I strongly dislike being stuck. It’s like a really bad pet peeved of mine. I guess that’s another reason why I like living in New York. It’s so little but big at the same time. It’s also very strange how it’s very crowded but you still feel very alone. Odd things in the world.

The reason why I made this post because I was a little disappointed that I was late for my volunteered shift. I just needed a little vent.

Anyways, have the better and best of your days,


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