Father of the Bride II

I’ve recently watched this on Netflix a few days ago. It’s about a father narrating his life with his family. It follows the typical American-dream. You have the job, the house, the car, and of course, the family. The father’s value of family is everything to him. You rarely find any movies like this anymore. Majority of the new movies, they show that the father has either divorce or has gone off somewhere to do his own thing away from his family.

I miss these old movies because it explicitly shows the values of family. New movies nowadays follows the trend. And you wonder why things are so messed up these days. You notice the newer generations are getting ruder and ruder due to shows that has younger siblings attacking the older siblings with no respect. It’s crazy. I mean it’s funny and very entertaining. It’s just kind of sad how society is just falling downhill.

I don’t want to get worked up on this blog, but I do want to blankly make this statement.

I’m very weak when it comes to topic about my family. You hardly see me post about anyone in my family besides my mom. My dad. Ha… my dad. You see, my statement is…I wish my father was more like the “Father of the Bride”. I’m just wishfully thinking and saying. Well goodnight, I might post another blog tonight because I’m just on my break from school, work and life.


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