One of society’s hardest days and most complained day. I was trying to tread through practices, classes and other extracurricular classes that I had to deal with. 

Took my exams. 

Went to my EMT shift. 

Had dinner. 


No big deal, right? 

Right, until I lost my phone. What’s the big deal about me losing my phone? I can always get another one, right? Yes, but the only problem was that my phone’s case was a wallet case. I had my state ID, student ID, main bank account debit card, main credit card, and couple of miscellaneous items. 

So, I wasn’t freaking out for no reason. I retrace my steps at least four times. Even the custodial on duty helped me look for it. It was just no where to be found. Mind you that I had another major exam tomorrow morning. The time was already 9PM. 

In order to calm myself down, I decided to go to the library and study. I was on facebook talking to a friend  and trying my best to act calm. Shortly after 30 minutes, I get a facebook message of the following:

My friend found your phone. If you want it back you must meet a certain criteria:
a.) Adopt a puppy
b.) love thy puppy
c.) kill thy puppy
d.) bring a bag of skittles when you want to retrieve your phone.

please dont hurt any puppies. Anyways, just message me when you can pick it up or whatnot. We dont want anything and it counts towards our good humanitarian act of the year. We’re running low on options so this one counts.”

 Even though, this message was tad bit sketchy. I was just excited that someone had just found my phone. How did they find me? My IDs, of course. 

To summarize our conversation, we set a location to meet up shortly after. I was still in my EMT uniform. Mind you, this uniform makes me look shorter than I look. 

We met up at a location. 

First thing, I saw two figures wearing a Mario and Wario costume. 

“Did you bring skittles?”

I told them that I didn’t and the fact that they had my whole life in their hands. They joked around with me for a little bit. I joked back for the fun of time, but they eventually gave me back my phone. I tried to give them a small reward: Friday’s Gift Cards, but they didn’t accept it. They just wanted to do something good tonight. 




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