A Little Bit of Heaven (2011) Movie Review

This is my first movie review that I really ever blog about. A Little Bit of Heaven sets in New Orleans, Louisiana. The actors do not portray the setting. However, to get beyond that, the plot is more cutesy than Kate Hudson’s normal filmography.  Marley (Kate Hudson) is a funny, upbeat character. She definitely portrays that the silly best friend you have somewhere in your closet. However, positive halos really end up with angels. Marley ends up being diagnosed with the latest stage of colon cancer. Her chances are slim and her time is very short. The main character shows a heavy weight of having a positive ambience. She is really happy that she has some time left for her family.

Her happiness creates a heavy sadness on her best friend. It’s not the fact that one of the Marley’s Best Friend, Renee, doesn’t support her. It’s the fact that her sadness couldn’t be withheld. This area of emotion really hits me. I had a younger brother that passed away suddenly. The difference is that I didn’t know until the next day. Her friends know for more than 24 hours that her days are short. How would you spend the last days with your friend? This movie really hits the heart. It’s definitely not your typical “Kate Hudson” movie.

Whoopi Goldberg makes a cameo. Now, who doesn’t love Whoopi Goldberg?

Overall, this movie may not be a Top Box Office movie, but it’s definitely something that you can pleasurably watch at home.



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