Working Out

I realize how poorly out of shape I am. I cannot even do one sit-up. I did an hour of workout routines, but I had to YouTube some of them because I didn’t know how to do them properly. Home work outs are cheap and convenient. Time-wise, it is very convenient to do at home. I hate to say, I’m more of a treadmill runner. If I had a treadmill at my apartment, I probably would run on it daily. I’m not really an outside person, which explains my pasty skin.  Image

This is the workout routine that I’m using. It’s very straightforward. The running is a build up workout. It’s a timeline of ten weeks which is roughly two months in a half. Some of these routine can be done throughout the day and sometimes twice a day if you have more free time. I’m just trying to stay healthy and stop being a potato couch watching tv all day. 

It’s another activity for me to keep daily for the summer and possibly the rest of the year if my semester isn’t crazy. I’ll keep the updates on the routines. 


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