Clearly Zenith (incomplete 12-page Novel)

Here’s a novel that I was just creating after reading 10-20 books over the summer, but due to my busy schedule and my irregular hours, I barely have time to finish or even continue writing it. So here’s what I wrote during the summer.

“Height, that’s too much air. It’s going to pop!” Zenith shouted at her three-years old brother who was filling up the balloon helium.

“Don’t worry. It’s big enough to put a letter in it.” Zenith was only three years older than Height. Their mother and their older sister, Pinnacle, were watching them from the porch, while they were in the grass with the balloons and disposable helium tank.

“Zenith! Stop shouting at Height! He’s only three-years old.” Pinnacle yelled at her little sister.

“I’m six and he’s three! Well, he’s only half my age! I’m his older sister.” Zenith replied.

“And what am I to the both of you?”
“Our oldest sister!” Zenith grinned from ear to ear.

Pinnacle would get annoyed of Zenith’s bossiness at times, but she could never stay mad at either of her siblings.  

“Be nicer to him.” Pinnacle walked up to her siblings. “What are you guys doing?”

“We’re making our wishes to stars.” Zenith begins to reach out her letter and starts to shove it into the bloated balloon. She squeezed the end of the balloon and gave it to Pinnacle to tie the ends. Pinnacle grabbed a ribbon and tied it to the ends. She hands back the balloon to her little sister. Zenith held onto the balloon and closed her eyes as if she was making a wish. Then she released the balloon.

Zenith then walks over to Height and help him fill his bloated balloon with his letter. His letter was colored in with blue, violet and black crayons in the background and yellow dots for stars. Zenith was bossy to her little brother, but she loved him dearly. They were two peas in a pod.

Zenith asked, “Did you write your wish?”
Height nodded his head toward his sister. Zenith smiled as if she knew what he wished for.


The siblings went back to their mother, but needlessly to say, both balloons fell back to the ground.



Chapter 1

“MOUNTAIN ZENITH! Wake up before you’re late for the first day of school. I’m going to tell mom!” Pinnacle shouted from her bedroom door.

Zenith always wondered why her parents named their children in funny ways. All their names related to above means as if their names were to matched the skies. Her mother always told them, “The sky’s the limit.” Zenith always believe that it is to be true.

“ZEN….IFF! You have five seconds to get ready, or I’m leaving you to take the bus!”

It was Zenith’s junior year in high school. It was about to be her toughest year. She is going to be juggling through honors and AP credits, part-time work, and two main extracurricular activities. However, Pinnacle told her to not stress about it. As long as she maintain and organized her schedule, Zenith should not have much problems at all.

“5…4…3…” Pinnacle started to countdown.

At one, Zenith walked out of her bedroom and went straight to the bathroom to get ready. Zenith looked at herself in the mirror. Zenith had dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and pale skin. Her European features came from her father, except he had blue eyes rather than hazel. Her siblings all had her mother’s Asian honey brown eyes, but they all had the same pale skin. Unfortunately, they were the Asians that couldn’t tan. Zenith doesn’t really mind. She didn’t want to be crispy and burnt like her high school classmates. When the days aren’t well, they would look like walking carrot. Even more, she was happy to have a straight smile after two years of braces. She wasn’t a talker in her earlier ages due to her crooked teeth. That was her main insecurities. The main reason why it took her forever to speak to the guy she likes.

Zenith put her usual makeup. She puts on her Neutrogena oil-free moisture and set her face with the Chanel pressed powder. Then she put her favorite waterproof Chanel brown eyeliner. She curls her eyelashes with the shu uemura curler and brush her lashes with MAC opulash mascara. Then she was all set. Makeup was like her first dose of caffeine. It ensures that she doesn’t fall asleep in class. She didn’t want her face to be smear from the makeup and look like a mess. It’ll help her to focus on the material rather than her desires to sleep.

“Can we please stop by Starbucks?” Zenith begged her sister.

“If you’ve gotten up ten minutes ago, we would have some time.”

“I know we have time!”

“Zeni. You’re pushing my buttons.”

“I know! That’s why I’ll treat you, big ole’ high and mighty sister! You know, Daemyn is going to be there!”

“I do not like him that way.”

“I see your grin…” Zenith poked at her sister.

“He’s my best friend.”

“Ouch, but we’ve all heard that before! Sister, he totally has the hots for you!”

“Zeni, if you don’t shut up, I’m not getting your coffee.”

“OH! You’re offering. HOW nice of you, Pinna!”

Pinnacle grinned at her sister’s silliness. She know Zenith would never act like this once she steps out of the car. Zenith only acted silly around her siblings and parents. However, she’s a total different person out of the home. Pinnacle could never understand why. She watched her sixteen years old sister get out the car with her venti white chocolate mocha frappuccino in her right hand and her tote bag in her left. Pinnacle shooked her head and left the high school that she graduated this past May.


As Zenith sips her frappuccino, she hears a familiar voice calling her name.
“Zen-zen! I know you hear me! Turn your fine ass around!”

It was her best friend, Navi Meridian. Her father is a marine. He was one of the top officers in the corps. Navi did not even know his position as well. He wasn’t home as often as either he and his daughter wished. However, her name was originally Navigation if she was a boy. Thank goodness, her mom talked him to shorten it to Navi when she was born. Navi is pronounced as if navigation was shorten to navi- rather than the navy. Navi always teases her father that she was going to join the navy to test his reactions because he tells her that he doesn’t have any adversarial feelings against the navy. She doesn’t believe it because all of her cousins and uncles hated the navy. She doesn’t understand why her father isn’t the same. Navi’s mother passed away when she was four years old. Navi was the only child since her mother. Her father wasn’t the typical strict military father. He was really relaxed with his daughter. It’s no wonder why Navi is always smiling and bubbly.

“How’s summer camp?” Zenith asked.

“Oh, you know the usual. Bandcamp. People sing, dance, and goof off, but you know the highlight.”

“Boys. You never change over the summer.”

“You should have came! Your voice would have been perfect rather than Vicious Vicky.”

“Speak of the devil.”

The two girls watch Vicky walked down the sidewalk with her possy.

Vicious Vicky is no other than Victoria Delaire Nadir. She’s one of the meanest and pompous girl in Zenith and Navi’s class. She thinks that she can command the entire class with her possy. Amanda Cast, Kelly Bale and Natalie Ward are her best friends since young. They were together since middle school. Those girls run the class like no other.

Zenith coughed, “Geez, that girl’s skirt is too short for school attire.”

“You bet. Anyways, have you seen Alena?”

“Nope, but I bet you she’s doing her chemistry projects.”

“She’s going to go all crazy with the fumes. I mean I know her parents are all scientists, but she’s starting to become those mad scientist.”

“Haha. At least, she’s a sexy one.”

Alena, as both Zenith and Navi admits, is the gorgeous one out of the three. Even though, she was a complete nerd with the sweetest personality . Anything she wore looks as if she was modeling it for a magazine. From her lab coat to her sweats and regular tees, she naturally look as if she was walking down a runway. She is the only girl with her three brothers. She had a twin in matter of fact. However, he was the total opposite of her. He was the jock, did average on his exams, and flirt with the ladies. Even though she was completely reserved, conservative and very uptight about her work, their similarity was the fact that they were able to brighten up the room.

Alena was running down the sidewalk. She was trying to catch up with Zenith and Navi. “Zeni…Navi…” She gasped as she ran closer to them.
“Someone finally made it.” Navi teased at her.

“What were you doing that caused you to be a little late?” Zenith asked.

“Well, you see. I had this huge AP project for Chemistry, and I had to study for the first chapter of the book already. This teacher is crazy! We’re having a test on the first day! I know college doesn’t do that to you. You usually get orientation, your first introduction of the syllabus. NOT A TEST!” Alena speedily told the girls.

“Whew, take a breath, Alena. I can barely catch my breath with your jabber. It’s fine. You’ll do great. We know you got the brains for this. You’re going to be the American’s next TOP Doctor.” Navi said in her Tyra Bank’s voice.

“Haha, you always know how to make me relax, Navi.” Alena giggled.

“You know she meant model,” Zenith remarked.

The bell ranged.

“Oh no! We have two minutes to get to our homerooms. I’ll see you at lunch!” Alena ran to her class.

“I’ll see ya later, Zeni” Navi walked the other direction.

Zenith glanced at her two best friends walked their way to classes. She quickly paced her way to class. Then she bumped into a solid figure.
“Umpf!” Zenith fall to the ground as the coffee spilled over her shirt.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, Zen-zen!”

Zenith recognized that voice anywhere. It was the voice that made her heart stopped.

The hand came to her face. Zenith ignored her hand and pulled herself up. She was too embarassed because the coffee stained her shirt. She knew that she didn’t have time to change.

“Thanks for ignoring my help. You never seem to change.”

“You know me better, Michael.” Zenith said to him.

“ You look like you could use another shirt.”

“Aren’t you stating the obvious.”

Michael pulled out a tee shirt from his black backpack and handed in front of Zenith. “Here, change into this during lunch period.”

Zenith looks at him with an awe.
“You don’t need to.”
“You’re really going to say, ‘No’ when your shirt looks horrendously disgusting.”

“Why are you always helping me?”

“Why not?”

Michael shoves the tee shirt into her bag and then pulls her arms.

“Come on. We’re going to be late on the first day.”

Michael pulls Zenith into their homeroom, and then the bell rang. They went to the empty seats in the back and sat down. Zenith mouthed the words thank you to Michael. He grinned at her sheepishly. He mouthed the words “you’re so silly, Zeni.” Then he pointed to the blackboard. Zenith rolled her eyes and then glance forward. The teacher wrote a couple things on the board: Mr. Barrett, Pre-Calculus, 1st Period.

“Hello, everyone. As you all may know, this will be your first period. However, this class is Pre-Calculus. In order for you to be in this class, you must have passed Algebra and Trigonometry with a C+. If you think you’ve been signed up for the wrong class, please come to me after class. We’ll make an arrangement with your assigned counselor. Now, let’s get our class started with a pop quiz.”

The entire classroom sighed and droop into the chairs.
“This isn’t how we start the year off. This won’t be graded. I just want to get an idea of how much we need to brief before we start on the material.”

“Great…I’m going to totally fail. I completely forgot what I learned in Trig and Algebra.” Zenith muttered.

“Stop being a pansy. I can still hear you, Art of Zen.” Michael whispered to her.

Mr. Barrett began to pass the quizzes down the aisle. Zenith dropped her head down to grab her pencil and clickable eraser from her bag.

Okay. I’m going to do all right on this quiz. Zenith was getting very nervous. she felt like she was going to have breakdown. She wasn’t quite the test taker. She looked at the first question. What is this nonsense? Ahh, should I leave it blank? I think I’m going to leave it blank. Zenith started to zone out. Then she heard a tapping on the desk. It was Michael sending her morse code.

Tap. Tap-tap-tap. Tap-tap. What are you doing, Zen-zen? Focus.

Zenith lightly tapped on her desk.

What is it with you today? Can’t you leave me in peace?

Why are you so annoyed with me? Is it because I stole your balloons when you were little?

Weren’t you trying to tell me to focus! Let me focus.

The answer to the first question is…

“Ahem. I do not condone cheating. Even though, this is not graded. However, if you don’t know the material, I rather know that you don’t, in order to help you in this class.” Mr. Barrett said as he stared sternly as Zenith and Michael.

Zenith looked at Michael and shook her head.

They had five minutes left in class. Zenith still had her test. Her habit was being one of the last test takers in class. She was on her very last question.

Last question left. I got this.

She scribbled her answer and got up to turn in her test. All her classmates gave out a huge sigh.

“Finally,” one of the classmate said, “we could have a ten minute break if Art of Zen didn’t take forever on the quiz. We’re never getting a break in this class during exams.”

Zenith glared at the classmate, but without a word, she went back to her desk. Michael looked at her and he tapped his desk.

Don’t worry about Nate. You know he’s an asshole.

It’s fine. It doesn’t affect me.

I’ll get you your favorite ice cream for lunch.

Why? So, you could trip me and make a mess on all of my shirts?

What? No, I was trying…

The bell rang. Zenith quickly got up and left the classroom. She went to her next class.



Chapter 2

        Zenith finally finished her first two classes, which were pre-calculus and AP history. It was time for lunch. She was starving due to the fact that her coffee was absorbed on her blouse. She stared at Michael’s shirt in her tote. Sigh, I supposed its better than looking like someone shitted on me.

        Zenith headed to the bathroom to change her white blouse. When she put on the shirt, she realized that it fitted her. Then she looked into the mirror. This was her very own shirt. It was a black v-neck, which matched her dark navy blue denim. What puzzled her was the fact that Michael had it. She figured that she will ask him later. Zenith walked out of the restroom and went to find her two best friends.

       “Ew, Alena. You stink. Did you wash up after your chemistry class? What the hell did you experient on?” Navi looked at her with disgust.

“We were experimenting on perfumes. I guess the bad ones really sticks.” Alena noted as she scribbles down some notes.

        “Are you guys snickering between each other?” Zenith walked up to them.

        “Zeni, what happen to your blouse? Are you going back to your emo days? Navi gave her a queer look.

        “No, Michael ran into me with my coffee.” Zenith revealed her shirt to her two best friends.

“Ouch. Good thing you changed. It looks like shit. Literally.” Navi was always dead honest with her comments.

“Haha. Thanks Navi, for your brutal commentaries.” Zenith laughed. These girls always made her smile.

“We’ll, where did you get a fitting shirt? Actually, it looks familiar. Is it yours, Zeni? You’re not the type to prepare for mishaps.” Alena said while she read her chemistry notes.

“Oh no, you too?” Zenith was flabbergasted. Alena was the nicest one out of the three. Then again, she was very frank with her words.

“I couldn’t help it. Is it Michael that you got the shirt from?” Alena inquired Zenith.


“Did you guys hang out during the summer and didn’t tell me? You know he has the hots for you.” Navi gasped at her best friend.

“You know that we’re childhood friends. I hate to say I know him before I met the both of you. And we will never.”

“You didn’t answer my question, Zenith.” Neither of her best friends ever addressed her by her full name. It was always Zeni, Zen, or Zen-zen. However, when they did, they were either mad or being serious.

“We hung out, but that was it. Nothing happen.” Zenith tried to explain without details.

“You hung out, and somehow your top was in his possession. This sounds kinky.” Navi sung the last word at her.

“My parents wanted me to stay over for the weekend because they went to Europe for their hot air balloon conference. Pinna was doing her internship in New York City for the magazine company. So, Height and I stayed at the Reason’s for the weekend. My parents didn’t trust us two teenagers alone. So, of course, I had to pack extra clothes to stay for the duration.” Zenith finally spilt the beans.

“Now, that sounds more reasonable.” Alena teased.

“And here I thought I was going to get a juicy story.” Navi spoke in disappointment.

“Ahem, not at all.” Zenith spoke between her teeth.

The atmosphere of the circle was broken by Victoria and her possy.

“Who in the world eats the cafeteria’s burgers nowadays?” Amanda sneered at Zenith’s plate. Amanda was dress in pink. Actually, everyone was dressed in pink. Today must be a Wednesday.

“The best food is only serve for the best.” Victoria chuckled. “Trash will be eaten by trashes.”

“My years in Tae Kwon Do are about to come into use,” Navi gritted.

“And oh, Feng Shui, stay away from Michael Reason. Your aura is stinky up his atmosphere.” Victoria said possessedly.

The reason why Zenith was never interested into Michael was because of Victoria. Victoria saw him as a prize. Zenith only saw him as the boy she grew up with. Michael’s family background did matched Victoria’s. Their families have a partnership in a law firm. However, both of Michael’s parents are lawyers. Victoria’s father is a lawyer and her mom is a stay-at-home mother. Her father treated her mother like gold. Zenith could guessed why she is so interested into Michael. He did treat everyone like gold, including Zenith.

“If you want to go date him, then go ahead. Not my problem. Don’t know why you’re all possessive about him anyways. You act like his girlfriend with all that frolic.” Zenith looked at her.

“Do you really mean that, Zenith?” Michael spoke as he approached the crowd.

Zenith stood there stunned. Why is he making everything more complicated than it is? We’re just childhood friends, nothing more.

“You have a say in your own life. Your decisions are truly and fully yours. I just want to be leave in peace.” Zenith said.

“Michael, you know we’re already together.” Victoria hooked her arms around his left arm. Victoria eagerly wanted to pull Michael away. “We should grab lunch at Airess. They have awesome sandwiches.”

“As you wish, your highness.” Michael said coldly looking at Zenith.

Zenith glared at him. She knew his response was to her. Her name meant above the ground, but Michael always knew how to take it to the next notch.

“Oh my god, we’re so perfect together! Come on, ladies. Let’s go grab a real lunch!” Victoria was happily glowing. “Oh. Zen, I meant it.”

“Shut your trap, Vicious.” Navi glared at her.

“Zenith, come on. Just ignore them.” Alena said as she closed her books.

“Let’s go to Cafe Pressure. We still have thirty minutes left. They’re just across the street.”
“My grandparent’s place?” Zenith asked.

“Yes, I love their coffee!” Alena said with her eyes wide open.

Zenith chuckled, “You and your caffeine. They’re going to kill me. They know I’m under the Starbucks bandwagon.”

“But their snacks are awesome!”
“You never have a real meal, don’t you?”
“I like snacking throughout the day, so technically, I’m just spreading out my meals.”

“All right, let’s go before we really don’t have any time for our next class.” Navi pull both of her best friends to the sidewalk. Zenith tossed her untouched lunch to the nearest trash can. Then the three went to Cafe Pressure.



Chapter 3

The aroma of the cafe was very pleasant. The original signature roast of Cafe Pressure usually filled the air. It was a very calming effect. Zenith searched for her ngrandparents. These were her maternal grandparents. Her father’s parents lived in Europe for retirement. Her maternal grandparent had this cafe since her mom was Borneo. They refused to let it go and retired no matter how much her mother offered a comfortable living stipend and housing for them. This cafe was their love of their life.

“Grandma? Where are ya?” Zenith walked to the counter. She saw an elderly lady carried a box of coffee grinds. “Grandma, why are you carrying all of this? It’s so heavy where is your helpers or workers?”

“Oh, Zeni, you’re always nagging on this little old lady. When are you going to let me meet your boyfriend?” Her grandma teased her.

“Oh, Granny P, she won’t be introducing him anytime soon. He’s about to be taken.” Navi quickly made her remark.

“It doesn’t matter if he’s taken or not. I’m not interested. He’s just a childhood friend.”

“You must be talking about the reason boy. He’s a good kid actually. Babysit his parents when they were younger. I haven’t seen their son in ages. Zeni, you should bring him over. I want to see how much of a fine young man he has grown into.”

“Grandma, you could always call his mother and schedule a little date.”

“Oh, do you remember the play dates that you have?” Grandmother teased her.

Zenith quickly went over the counter to order and extra large iced milk coffee. She was not going through the day with her grandmother reminding her about the play dates when Michael and she had younger.



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