In order to make an impact, make an impact on yourself. You have to break your own boundaries. Bring the “inner self-confident you” out. 

If you want to achieve a difference in your life, then put a doorknob on the glass box that you put yourself inside.

I know that you see everything vividly, but are you really moving? Do you mentally put yourself in a glass box and believe that…that’s all to life? What you see is what you get.

If you want to achieve a difference in your life, then put a doorknob on that glass box. The first action in making a change is being open. You know what the next step is. Take a step outside. 

Breathe it in. Breathe it out. You’re going to get positive air, negative air, neutral air, and sometimes…no air. What you take in is what you take out of it. Positive air brings you happiness, smiles, glory…the blessing. Negative air brings you sadness, tears, anger…the struggles. Neutral air brings you the rest…the break that you need in life. When it comes to no air,  I hope you’re willing to let yourself to ask for help. Asking for help is not being weak. It’s that extra energy to make you stronger. 

All right, you got the rundown of the environment. What about the people? There are people who will bring you to cloud nine. There are people who will bring your whole body to flames. Those people on both sides could get in the way of what your visions and goals may be. 

But remember. They’re only human. So, are you. 

Making an impact is being able to feel everything around you, such as the environment and people. When it comes to your energy, don’t focus on the negative-end. It is there. It will always be there. As long as you maintain yourself and integrity, then you can uphold your end. If you don’t feel what’s and who’s about you, you won’t understand the end-result of your impact. 

Be positive. Smile. Scream. Breathe. Live. Impact. 


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