TV Show: Orange is the New Black (Netflix Original)


Orange is the New Black (Netflix Original Series)

This is a recent show that I just started. I heard a lot of reviews about it. Through my tumblr feed, I saw a couple of GIFs and photos pertaining to the show. I must admit that I was taken back by the plot when my friends discussed. So, the main lead was incarcerated because her previous girlfriend had reported the main lead’s association in dealing drug.

After watching a decent amount of episodes, I would definitely recommend this show. I just want to warn the viewers. There are a lot of racy, sexual scenes. It really caught me off guard, but I also expected it. For the content of the show, it gets you thinking how and why were these people ended up in prison. The acting is 8.5/10. The actresses definitely portray their parts very well, and I can feel their emotions from scared to relief to insanity. But I love the dynamics and how the show intertwines each character’s storyline together.

All in all, I do recommend this series. Just watch with an open mind.



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