Oh, Manhattan.

Since my last post, I haven’t really done anything for my event-planning company. I haven’t really given myself the time or effort. Is it because I really don’t want it? If so, then what is it that I really desire?

My current job is pretty satisfactory. The work is useful for future references. What do I do? I’m a database organizer that find answers through numbers for the GSX team. Yet, I’m also a store operator, so I still take care of some stores that are needed.

I’ll be honest. I was distracted from my original goals because I was falling for someone. Relationships are so distracting. My time was spent with him. No, it’s not on him because the places that we’ve gone I still revisit to take photos or take a deeper review. In addition, I’ve spent more time on my tumblr blog, which I decided to conclude it completely. I didn’t really delete the account, but I put all of my posts on private. It’s a nice diary to reminisce my thoughts later on. Writing on my tumblr stir my emotions too much. I let go of everything. It’s a dark platform, literally. WordPress gives me the environment to be more realistic.

Most of my time during the week are spent in Manhattan. I literally work in the heart of the city. The area that I currently work is called Flatiron District, which is Broadway and 5th-7th Avenues. The location is nice to stroll and I can decide if I want to go to West Village or Koreatown. Which area is my favorite? West Village, of course! Koreatown is an area if you want great fried chicken and sort-of cheap drinks and karaoke bars (maybe not that cheap).

Gym. Yes, I finally set a workout schedule and bought a gym membership. I decided on Planet Fitness because it has its perk. It’s everywhere. I’m not a major workout or lifting person. I just need a gym that have convenience locations near work and home. And I can literally go home to Biloxi with this gym membership. If the schedule works out, I can bring another person to the gym. Why not. My loved ones can be healthy, too! I want to look good, feel good, and be healthy and active. Also, going to the gym will help me not wander and think about the crazy stuff in life.

Enough of the personal update, I’m going to blog about some restaurants I’ve been this past summer tomorrow.

Good night,
Jen Crae


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