Memorial Feelings

As of today, it’s been two days and three years since my brother has passed from a drowning incident. The emotion of that day is still raw as it is today, yesterday or even the day before. I read an article that mentions:

When you lose your parent, you lose your past. When you lost your child, you lose your future. When you lose your sibling, you lose both past and future.

I’ve been feeling trouble. I’ve been feeling crazy.

My emotional stability is at level 0. The only time that I do feel emotionally stable is when I’m working. It’s the time that I know I need to get my shit together and keep moving toward a greater goal in my job and my life. But when the time is clock-out, I’m back to the feeling of lost, abandoned, and sad.

I would walk the streets of the city to find the answers. I stare directly toward the skyline, lights, and what seem to be like stars. Tell myself that there’s always more to life

My personal life doesn’t have any sound, meaning, or visibility. Hence, why I’ve been silence on blogs and any social media in general.

Like I’ve always stated, I’ll be fine. I just needed to write out the mess in my head.

I’ll be traveling more often this summer. Majority of my trips are solo. Yep.


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