Let’s keep writing until it becomes positive.

Ideally when I write, I want to reflect rather than vent. I’ve done some reflecting, but it’s been through meditation. And holy shit, I realized how poor my written English grammar is.

Following up with my previous post about my father, he is diagnosed with minor emphysema, but they have not ruled out lung cancer due to the spotty chest x-rays. When we were going through the hospital visits, the X-ray technician told my dad that he had really long lungs. It wasn’t surprising to me because my dad said that he would frequently go swimming during his younger days in Vietnam.

Today is September 7th (Edited: I was apparently moving a day ahead). I came home on June 22nd. My dad had to go to the emergency room due to breathing complication on June 29th. This is where everything unfolds. I thought that this was only going to my family’s focus.

A week later, my brother caused some complications. In my head, I was literally like “WHAT THE FUCK.” This situation ate me alive for the entire month. I literally broke into tears every other day, and the huge disappointment and guilt were weighing me down. The two events that occurred made me depressed. I literally stayed in bed 24/7 that week. I didn’t want to bother anyone, vice versa.

Meanwhile, I met one of my former co-workers in New Orleans, LA prior the incidents. It was fun and nice. I realized how much of my New York attitude was showing during that time.

And I’m going to start vlogging and it’s going to be silly.

–Thanks for reading!


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