Why did she stay?

To be honest, I was (am still) angry about my father and his actions. I was focused on being angry at my father and retracting all the wholly standards of being a great daughter. I was angry that I was going to be someone’s daughter that can’t be boasted. I did not want my dad to use me as a pedestal in his social ladder. When I was younger, his statement was, “I want to share with my hometown that my daughter is the first doctor in the neighborhood.” My young naive self was like, “Yea, that’s great!”

As I grew older, I learned a lot by listening and watching my parents’ reactions toward each other. When I was in sixth grade, I would hear my mom cry at night and yell at my dad about his infidelities. My dad proclaimed that my mom didn’t love him. Her response to him was gold. “You tell me that I don’t love you. After six kids, you’re telling me that I don’t love you.”

Many women in the community had told my mom. If they were in her shoes, they would have left my dad a long time ago. There are many times where I second that. I believe that my mom deserves better.

Why did she stay?


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