creative writing 1.1

People tend to fall back on their thoughts of what ifs. What if we change the course of our lives? Would we be any more happier than we are now? Would it save a life? No, it wouldn’t. People come and go in and out of our lives daily. It could be for a reason. It could be for no reason at all.

As for me, thinking about what ifs is dangerous because my family comes from a history of time travelers. The thought of what ifs triggers us back to that time. We’ve been trained to move forward every single step of the way. Our family does not fall back on the term: regret. As we cannot regret anything, the thought of regret triggers what if. When we go back and change a piece of history, it changes the tracks of everyone’s lives. If one person died and was revived from that session, another person will die in place instead.

The people from our lives do not know who we are or what we do. We will remember all of the events and we are sworn to never tell anyone.

  • Freewriting.
  • Not my actual thoughts
  • I’m craving for a creative outlet.
  • My creative outlet tends to be very cheesy.

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