Why, hello!


Welcome to heronestory. It’s a website about a lady living her dreams in the New York City. I’m now resided in Coney Island, but I’m moving my ways into Manhattan slowly and surely. I’m excited about what life has to offer. I may write uplifting, depressing, and very expressive entries. Bare with me for the ride. I hope I can inspire the readers to go out and meet their dreams.

The name of heronestory originated in 2004. It was way that I could indirectly express about my life when I was only a teenage kid. It’s been about TEN years now. I had thought about changing, but I never found another suiting name. That’s pretty much it.

Oh, who am I? My name is Jennifer Le. I bet you that you have a friend or know someone in town with the same name. Majority of my friends call me “Jen”. I prefer just “Jen”. I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Biology and Chinese Studies in May 2014. My original goal in life since I was in Pre-K School was to become a medical doctor. Life has its obstacle, so I decided to change my career. Right now, I enjoy being an analyst and operator. (9/7/14)

Did I tell you that I love the secrets of life?



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